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ITROM Pharmaceutical Group

Our Pharma oriented group traces its origins back to the initiation of its core entity Pharma Consult in the heart of Dubai in 1996, offering general Pharma consultancy services to international principals.

The group has since then enhanced its range of services to offer full-fledged commercial Pharma solutions for all potential principals from all across the globe of all sizes and legal entities (Research Centers, Marketing Authorization Holders, Contract manufacturers…etc.), prompting the formation of ITROM Pharmaceuticals along side Pharma Consult to efficiently and independently establish Regulatory Affairs services, Marketing Activities, as well as Sales and Distribution networks across the region.

Approaching a total of 100 members of staff regionally, ITROM maintains a solid and wide reach throughout the region’s health sectors, maintaining influential relations with KOL’s and renowned Physicians of different specialties, Public and Private Health institutions and Retail outlets, providing invaluable fundaments for obtaining and maximizing a potential product’s regional market share in record time.

Innovative Healthcare solutions

We Prioritize Patented and Innovative Healthcare solutions to our Communities

An essential feature of the ITROM Group is its specialty in bringing new pharmaceutical concepts to the regional MENA markets, a unique and rarely well executed approach that our group prides itself in mastering on a regional level.

The Pharmaceutical industry is rapidly and constantly evolving, creating a notable gap in the market in terms of Regulatory prudence and Business feasibility research capability when it comes to the adoption of patented and innovative pharmaceutical concepts.

It is here where ITROM excels by professionally adapting such new concepts to the Regulatory and Market requirements of the region, leading to profound business accomplishments that were once thought unreachable by most principals, while bringing the latest healthcare options to the region’s communities.

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From offering one-time consultation services and business viability studies, to engaging in long term comprehensive Marketing & Distribution representation contracts, our group is readily equipped with the know-how, expertise and systems essential to tackle Pharmaceutical projects of all sizes.







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